Super Bowl Streaker Was Able To Do Something The Chiefs Couldn’t

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What was the most entertaining part of the Super Bowl yesterday?  Some will say Tom Brady’s nearly flawless performance.  Others will say the commercials, despite the constant barrage of propaganda.  I, on the other hand, think that the best thing that happened yesterday didn’t even happen on the live TV broadcast.

After a brief check to make sure wasn’t RedState’s own resident Florida-man, Brad Slager, wasn’t involved I wasn’t compiling evidence against him, I began putting together all of the angles for the man in the pink bro-kini.  The man stopped play in the fourth quarter with his shenanigans, originally crossing into the broadcast by crossing the line of scrimmage between plays.  He looped around the center of the field and then and headed back for the endzone before numerous security guards and cops were able to tackle him.

Kevin Harlan had the epic play-by-play call of the streaker’s movement down the field:

Someone might want to clue Harlan in on the whole “woke” culture.  Apparently, a man can wear a bra too. Enough with the toxic patriarchy.

Then, of course, there was this Twitter user’s astute observation.  Indeed,

He was later identified:

I’m sure there are people who are just angry that the dude wasn’t wearing a mask.  Somehow, I am sure that is Ron DeSantis’ fault.

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