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BOZEMAN, Mont.- Starting Jan. 30, 2021, artists will compete carving out works of art in ice blocks at Soroptimist Park.

Judges will come by and pick the winners around 3 p.m. but the Sweet Pea Festival organizers of the 5th Annual Ice Sculpture Competition said you can swing by the park to look at the sculptures until Feb. 14 or until the ice melts.

Everyone who comes by is asked to wear a face covering and social distance at Soroptimist Park as Gallatin County COVID-19 guidelines limits the total number of people in the park at one time to just 25 visitors.

“They’re going to be spread-out all-over soroptimist park here turning these blocks of ice into works for art, not sure what it’s going to be, it’s carver’s choice so they’re removing the ice to reveal the art behind whatever that means to them, those carvers,” Mellanie Mangione, the arts and crafts organizer of the Sweet Pea Festival said.

Mangione said the ice will look best at night with lights that illuminate the frozen water.

You can find Soroptimist Park surrounded by Mary Peter’s streetlamp banner design.

Mary Peter’s streetlamp banner design

Mary Peter’s streetlamp banner design for the 5th Annual Ice Sculpture Competition.

According to the Sweet Pea Festival website, Mary Peters is a full-time mom by day and an artist by night. She and her husband moved to Bozeman in 2019 and you can find her on Instagram @goldfinchlettering.

More information on the Sweet Pea Festival can be found here.



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