Talent Harvest Festival: raising awareness, having a great time

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Talent City Hall at the Talent Harvest Festival. (Sammy Shaktah/News 10)

As autumn is approaching, Talent residents are already starting to celebrate the change in season.

Many went out to the Talent Harvest Festival on Saturday, right outside of Talent City Hall.

It was a special way to allow the community to come together and enjoy live music, food, activities, and even talks about important topics such as water pollution.

The Rogue Valley Sewer Services had one of the numerous tents at the festival.

There, a Stormwater Technician, Frances Oyung, said these events allow her to connect with the public to spread awareness about environmental issues.

One of the important topics she discussed at the festival was the importance of not polluting int storm drains, especially as the upcoming autumn season will bring more rain.

“We split the cost with the city of Talent for five murals on the sidewalk near the storm drains that have a message ‘bear creek starts here’ so that helps residents know in a very beautiful way about how they can protect water quality in our streams by keeping pollutants off the landscape,” Oyung said.

She said it can help residents make a difference in their community.

The murals serve as a reminder to those who might not realize where storm drainage leads to.

Again, Oyung mentioned this is important as we approach the rainy season and the storm drains will lead to larger sources of water.



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