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IT’S business as usual in Tamworth after the ruckus of the country music festival. The vibe at the 10-day event was incredible, festival manager Barry Harley said. “People were happy, friendly and light-hearted; and were especially enjoying the much-welcomed rain and cooler weather,” he said. Numbers are still being tallied up, but the organising team expects visitor numbers to be down this year due to the drought and bushfire crisis. While the numbers might have been down the spirits were not, Mr Harley said. “If people who attended had a great experience and were provided with some relief in these tough times, then I can proudly say that the festival was a success,” he said. Read also: “We are expecting to see an impact of the current conditions on attendance numbers for TCMF 2020, and that’s okay.” More insight into the tourist numbers will be released in the coming weeks once ground researchers and venue operators have provided their feedback. Want more local news? Subscribe to the Leader to read it here first



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