Ted Cruz Rips John Brennan to Shreds In Throwdown Battle Over Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist

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We reported yesterday on how the execrable John Brennan melted down over the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fahrizade, the man who had allegedly been behind their secret nuclear program.

Now, you would think that such an act against our enemies would elicit favorable response.

But Brennan and the Obama bros who have always stood up for Iran were not at all happy. Brennan even was upset over the killing of Soleimani who had just been behind the effort to take over the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and who was behind the killing of countless Americans.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called him out for it.

That prompted a nasty response from Brennan. He told Cruz he was “lawless” and “simple-minded,” two things that definitely don’t apply to Cruz, but do apply to Brennan himself.

Brennan’s CIA infamous spied on Congress and broke into their computers. Brennan lied about it and was caught. But because it was the Obama administration who never prosecuted any of their own people, he never suffered any consequences for his actions.

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He tried to argue that his tweet didn’t involve the Logan Act. Yet, the Obama administration tried to hang that on Flynn for essentially the same statement.

Brennan of course is slinging bull. There’s nothing in the Logan Act that says it doesn’t apply to private citizens. And indeed, it’s perfectly normal for an incoming national security adviser to start making contacts with the people with whom he is going to be dealing with, exactly like the Russian ambassador. Indeed, Joe Biden, who hasn’t been officially declared president yet is doing exactly that, bragging that he’s talking to foreign governments and in the process, dinging the present administration. That of course is exactly what he, Biden, tried to hang Flynn over according to the reports. But these folks are nothing if not hypocritical.

But Ted Cruz had a couple of Cruz missiles left and he fired them at Brennan.

Boom, target engaged and obliterated.

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