Ted Cruz Weighs in One Democrat Eric Swalwell’s Alleged Affair With a Chinese Spy and You Won’t Want to Miss It

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We have been covering the shenanigans of California Democrat Eric Swalwell and what appears to be a sexual relationship that he had with a Communist Chinese spy while he was serving on the House Homeland Security Committee and as chair of the CIA oversight subcommittee on the House Intelligence Committee of Adam Schiff.

Lots of questions are bouncing around for which there are no good answers and because there are no good answers, neither Swalwell nor Schiff nor Pelosi are talking.

This is some of our coverage:

While Eric Swalwell Was Sleeping With a Chinese Spy Adam Schiff Put Him in Charge of CIA Oversight

Watch Pelosi Squirm When Asked What She Knew of the Swalwell Chinese Spy Scandal

New Information Indicates Democrat Eric Swalwell Is Lying About Breaking Ties With Chinese Honeytrap

All Chinese Nationals in the US Are Intelligence Assets of Chinese Government — Sleeping With Politicians Is a Tactic

Jim Sciutto Gives Eric Swalwell a Tongue Bath (NTTAWWT) Instead of Holding Him Accountable for His Compromise by Chinese Intelligence

Sources Say Eric Swalwell Had Sexual Relationship with Chinese Spy, He Continues to Not Deny It

While most of Swalwells’ colleagues have been silent on the subject, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has offered one of the best bits of analysis presented by any Senator or Representative so far:

Sooner or later we need to get answers on this. How did a man with an ongoing sexual relationship come to lead the oversight subcommittee of the CIA?

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