The California Strawberry Festival Will Sweeten 2022 – NBC Los Angeles

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What to Know

  • Oxnard
  • May 14 and 15, 2022 (new dates)
  • Festival organizers have been sharing California Strawberries recipes on social media

A SLICE OF STRAWBERRY PIE? It usually doesn’t hang around too long, not if it is sitting in the middle of the kitchen counter and various family members have been eyeing it every time they saunter by. Same with a bowl of strawberry ice cream, a jar of strawberry jam, and a light-as-air sponge cake stuffed with strawberries. And chocolate-covered strawberries? Those are gone before you know it (because either you ate them or another member of your strawberry-obsessed household devoured the whole tempting plate). But sometimes, when it comes to strawberries? We actually do need to wait. And that’s the case with that juicy jubilee, the…

CALIFORNIA STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL: The Oxnard-based bash revealed that the 2021 party won’t be happening, in response to the pandemic, but it is fully ready to line up the tarts, attractions, and those colorful contests for the 2022 celebration. So ready, in fact, that the 2022 dates have been picked: May 14 and 15. Already have a calendar going? Then draw a little strawberry on that Saturday and Sunday so you’ll remember. By why would you even forget? You’re probably already trying out various strawberry recipes, so you can enter the Berry Blast Off Recipe Contest, which is a sweet centerpiece of the fruit-tastic festival.

NEED INSPO? The California Strawberry Festival team has been sharing California Strawberries recipes on Facebook in recent weeks. Craving Sparkling Strawberry Ginger Refresher or Cranberry Strawberry Sauce? Follow the fest here.

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