The Colour of Music Festival kicks off 5 days of virtual performances

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Colour of Music Festival kicks off Wednesday, honoring Black History Month.

Due to the pandemic, the festival will be streamed virtually for its ninth season.

The festival will highlight black classically trained artists and give black composers a platform.

Many of Charleston’s historic venues will be featured.

Musicians will be socially distanced during the live-streamed performances.

Tickets are $25 per household per performance.

Founder and artistic director, Lee Pringle, says he hopes the festival inspires young black youth to play an instrument.

“We’re just excited that here at the Colour of Music Festival we get to show from the perspective of the arts and tell the history of how people of African ancestry have contributed to classical music,” Pringle stated.

The festival will run through Sunday.

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