The Red Curtain International presents Good Theater Festival Awards Theater to save lives

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The Awards emphasize the live connection between audience and performer.

The Red Curtain International has announced the finalists in their Good Theater Festival & Awards ( The Finalists will perform over the weekends of November 21st, 22nd and 28th, 29th.

The Good Theater Festival & Awards was created by The Red Curtain International with an aim to honor the best theater talent in the world that have performed online, to a real-time audience, irrespective of geographies, boundaries, language barriers, and definitely the world crisis. It is a celebration of the best online theater talent in the world.

Amongst the Finalists are performances from Brazil, the USA, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iran, India, Singapore that will be judged by Jury from the Philippines, Singapore, India, Italy, Finland, the UK and the USA.

‘A Little Bit Closer’ (USA / India); ‘Aliens’, ‘3 Miles’, ‘Turn Left’ (USA); ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ (Finland); ‘Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap on Zoom!’ (Singapore); ‘Labor’ (Iran); ‘Macbeth’ (Ireland, UK); ‘Metamorphosis’ (Wales, UK); ‘One Can Only Laugh’ (India); ‘The Art of Facing Fear’ (Brazil, Senegal, Sweden, Nigeria, UK, Cape Verde, South Africa)

This is the first time Awards for Best Performance, Best Script, Most Innovative use of Technology, Best Direction & Best Production will be given out for ePl@ys performed live (not pre-recorded) and created post Covid-19.

The Awards emphasize the live connection between audience and performer. Each production will be e-staged twice over Zoom so that anyone with a wi-fi connection anywhere in the world can experience the@ter from the safety of their homes without losing sleep.

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“Thespians around the world have discovered how theater can happen online where the audience and actor share the same space and time. They are in each other’s presence and with it geography has become history in Theater. With this initiative we aim at building sustenance for the theater community and urge audiences to participate and lend a shoulder to the artists” says Sumit Lai Roy, Festival Co-Director and Founder Member, The Red Curtain International.

“We’re truly pleased that our mission of “good theater for good causes” is being lived out through this international festival. “Good theater” will occur through the nine plays, twelve jury members and scores of audience members from multiple continents. And “good causes” will be accomplished as we route the net proceeds from the festival to theater artisans in India who are out of work due to the pandemic, thanks to the generosity of individuals and sponsors across the globe!” Dr. Paul Lopez, Festival Co-Director and Founder Member,The Red Curtain International, Atlanta/USA.

The Festival has been designed to save lives. Proceeds go to StayIN aLIVE, a non-profit in India dedicated to helping disadvantaged theater artisans survive. Just one Season Pass for the entire festival, that will play over November 21 & 22, 28 & 29, at USD 90 is enough for a starving artisan to stay alive for another month (



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