The Trump Campaign Says Enough, Nails Lin Wood

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If anyone was still waiting for further evidence that Lin Wood is just trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes for personal gain, this may finally be enough. The Trump campaign is now going directly at Lin Wood for his ridiculous rantings yesterday in which he encouraged Georgians to not show up to vote in the coming Senate run-off elections. Following Wood’s advice would likely lead to total Democrat control of the federal government.

Trump has apparently seen enough.

Some will say this doesn’t matter, but it does matter. Someone who has zero investment in the Republican party, and has actively sought to destroy it, has no motivation to ensure what’s best for Republican voters now. Wood has been running a failing, scorched earth campaign in which he claims to be trying to help Trump (while Trump himself won’t have anything to do with him) but is making pronouncements that simply make no sense. Giving up on the Georgia run-offs will not make Donald Trump president for a second term. All that will ensure is certain doom is Biden is ultimately sworn in.

What Wood is doing is trying to hold a gun to someone else’s head while making demands that will never be met. Georgia is not going to throw out all its voting systems a month before the election. The legislature, to the extent they even could, is not going to overturn the election or select electors that will go against the certification results. At some point, a person like Wood is exposed for what he is by how he goes about things, and how he’s going about things is ineffectual and only promises to raise his own profile.

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After Breitbart released the above article about Wood, they received blow back, even being accused by some of being part of a conspiracy against the President. Now that the President’s own campaign is pointing this stuff out, linking to the Breitbart article, perhaps attitudes will change among the last few hold outs.

As Dave Reaboi shared last night, at some point you can’t just keep throwing everyone under the bus for pointing out the obvious.

Wood has two choices. He can stop this madness of promoting the handing of the Seante to Democrats and take a different path, or he can be destroyed. Because now that Trump himself is involved, he’s going to find himself losing support in a big way.

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