the Two Fine Young Men Spotlighted at the SOTU

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Through the Eyes of the Children: the Two Fine Young Men Spotlighted at the SOTU

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There were a lot of touching moments during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union.

All of them are worthy of note, so if you didn’t watch it, take the time to listen to the powerful speech.

But it was powerful not just for the words, but for the stories that were told.

Two that were very touching struck me because of the children involved. Because I looked at the faces of these two young men and said if these are the children we have coming up into adulthood, we may be in fine shape in the future.

First, there was 13 year old Iain Lanphier, who as the president said, dreams of “going to space.” Trump mentioned him in connection with his creation of the Space Force which defends our assets in space and he connected him to his great-grandfather, Charles McGee, one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, a group of pioneering black fighter pilots, showing the unbroken line and how far we have come. Trump had just promoted McGee to Brigadier General prior to the SOTU to honor his amazing contributions to the nation.

Check out Iain, especially the look he has in the picture on the left. You can click on to enlarge the pictures.

In his eyes, his pride for his great-grandfather and his hopes to follow in his footsteps, his love and his dreams for the future literally lighting up the picture.

Second, there was 13 year old Gage Hake. Gage was there with his mother, Kelli. His dad, Sgt. Christopher Hake, had been killed in Iraq when Gage was just a baby. Sgt. Hake was killed by a roadside bomb supplied by the IRGC terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani. So when Democrats ask why Soleimani was taken out, this is just one reason why.

Check out Gage, the care and concern he has for his mother, looking out for her, just as his father asked.

Oh, that the future is in the hands of young people such as these. We can be assured then, it is in good hands.


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