The Week in Arts: A Mini-Festival of Music and a 9/11 Remembrance

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Sept. 11;

The Broadway hit “Come From Away” plays only a bit part in Moze Mossanen’s documentary “You Are Here: A Come From Away Story.” But if you know the musical, you already know the extraordinary way that the people of tiny Gander, Newfoundland, welcomed the thousands of airline passengers — “come from aways,” they called them — stranded in their town after the Sept. 11 attacks, when dozens of international flights were grounded there.

The documentary, which will have its United States premiere on Wednesday at theaters across the country, retraces that time with the help of many of the people who inspired characters in the musical: the pilot, the mayor, the couple who fell in love. The documentary’s emotional power has the same source as “Come From Away” — the poignant knowledge that in a fearful moment, citizens of one nation embraced strangers, sharing what they had to make their visitors feel at home. LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES

Sept 12-15;

In the last decade, an Episcopal church in Lower Manhattan has become something of an impresario for the musical avant-garde, collaborating on numerous new works including three that have won Pulitzer Prizes. The responsibility for the adventuresome spirit of Trinity Church Wall Street lies with its music director, Julian Wachner, who has supervised a wide-ranging program equally dedicated to the overlooked old and the deserving new. This week, Trinity’s St. Paul’s Chapel is home to a season-opening mini-festival that hints at the breadth of these efforts: an afternoon organ recital by Janet Yieh; a concert devoted to music by living composers, including excerpts from Pulitzer-winning compositions by Du Yun, Julia Wolfe and Ellen Reid; a candlelight evening of Baroque vocal works; a program of hymns and anthems; and a performance of music by the undersung 17th-century master Heinrich Schütz, featuring Trinity’s own stellar choir. WILLIAM ROBIN

Sept. 14;

Michael Trusnovec, Michelle Fleet and Laura Halzack — current and former members of the Paul Taylor Dance Company — are spending the final days of their summer vacation putting on a show. It’s also the perfect excuse for a last trip to the Jersey Shore.

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The Asbury Park Dance Festival, held at House of Independents, will feature a splendid array of dance artists including Annique Roberts of Ronald K. Brown/Evidence; the tap dancer and choreographer Caleb Teicher; and the choreographer Pam Tanowitz who contributes repertory excerpts in a new arrangement featuring Melissa Toogood, Trusnovec and Fleet. While Trusnovec and Halzack have retired from the Taylor company, Fleet will step down during the company’s Lincoln Center season in November. “We wanted something that we could continue to work on together,” Trusnovec said. And take note: There will be a pop-up performance at the Carousel Building on the Asbury Park boardwalk Friday night. Make a weekend of it. GIA KOURLAS

Sept. 6 and 13

In “Ms. Purple,” the director Justin Chon (“Gook”) stumbles through Los Angeles’s Koreatown, where Kasie (Tiffany Chu) and Carey (Teddy Lee) still nurse the wounds inflicted by their mother, who abandoned them as children and soon remarried — neglecting to inform her new husband of their existence.

Years later, Kasie has put her life aside to support her bedridden father (James Kang) by catering to the pleasures of libidinous businessmen as a karaoke-room hostess. But when her comatose father’s caretaker abruptly quits, she seeks the help of her estranged brother, who breaks the monotony by wheeling their father on outings around the city in his hospital cot.

Kasie, meanwhile, searches for something resembling romance, vacillating between the transactional affection of a clothing tycoon (Ronnie Kim) and the tender attention of a parking valet (Octavio Pizano). But the most resonant love story in Chon’s cinematic tone poem — inspired by his relationship with his own sister, and told from the female perspective — is between these siblings and lost souls as they try to reverse decades of damage.

“Ms. Purple” opens in Los Angeles on Sept. 6 and New York on Sept. 13 before a wider rollout. KATHRYN SHATTUCK

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Sept. 10;

In gloomy Edinburgh, Anna Dean (Kelly Macdonald) is still mourning her 9-year-old son, murdered by an older boy 14 years earlier, when she discovers the name and address of the supposed perpetrator — and posts them online. Hours later, that suspect, Craig Myers (James Harkness), is viciously beaten and left for dead, leading Dean to be put on trial for attempted murder.

But who, exactly, is the aggrieved party? “The Victim,” a four-part BBC thriller debuting Sept. 10 on BritBox, parses that conundrum as Myers, a family man who insists that he is a casualty of mistaken identity, fights to restore his reputation. Dean insists just as emphatically that he is in fact her son’s killer — imprisoned for a mere seven years before being whisked into anonymity — and demands a face-to-face reckoning in court.

Then confidential police records are leaked, indicating that Meyers is not in fact the killer. But this twisty, tingly mystery grips you tight by introducing assorted possibilities for just who might be as Dean, in a fiercely poignant turn by Macdonald, struggles to exact justice for her son. And perhaps revenge. KATHRYN SHATTUCK

Sept. 8;

Mitski Miyawaki’s work in indie-rock is incisive and intimate, bringing a sharp eye to the intricacies of loneliness and insecurity — just don’t call it diaristic. Though fans readily adopt her as their unofficial emotional guardian, projecting their own experiences onto millennial- anxiety-ridden songs like “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars,” Mitski is quick to brush off the idea that her work always speaks to her lived experience. She points, instead, to the double standard with which art is appraised — where men’s work is intellectually rigorous, women’s work is often deemed “personally revealing.”

On tour behind her most recent album, 2018’s excellent “Be the Cowboy,” Mitski has incorporated highly stylized choreography inspired by Japanese dance theater into her act, performing choppy, repetitive movements that underscore the artifice of her project. On Sunday, Mitski will play the second of two back-to-back shows at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. On Twitter, she said that it will be her “last show indefinitely.” OLIVIA HORN

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Through Sept. 29;

Is there a border between writing and drawing? Sol LeWitt built up a surprisingly rich visual world by combining and rearranging a simple alphabet of geometric pencil lines — up, down, tilt, rotate. And because he conceived these stately arrangements as written instructions, the actual drawings can be reproduced, in principle, without limit, and without much importance attaching to any “original.” LeWitt is best known for wall-filling grids, but his simple, endlessly renewable system was a great way of producing books, too. As is comprehensively demonstrated in “Book as System: Sol LeWitt” at Chelsea’s indispensable art-book store Printed Matter, it’s a format he pioneered. WILL HEINRICH



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