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The 15th Annual HUMP! Film Festival opened in Seattle, Olympia, Portland, San Francisco, and—for the first time ever—Vancouver, B.C. earlier this month with a brand new slate of 21 amazing films. And after three weeks, dozens of screenings, and thousands of audience ballots cast and counted, we’re ready to announce the winners of the 2019 HUMP! Awards!

Since 2004 HUMP! has been the film festival that makes it possible for people to be porn stars for a weekend in a theater without becoming porn stars for eternity on the internet. Although some HUMP! filmmakers and performers choose to release their own films online, most HUMP! filmmakers and performers don’t—and we never release HUMP! films online and destroy all of our master copies at the end of the annual tour. Which means at HUMP! audiences get see films and enjoy performers they’ll never see or enjoy anywhere else!


This year’s amazing collection of HUMP! films will tour to over fifty cities over the next year so you still have a chance to catch the festival in 2020! There will also be encore presentations of the this year’s festival in Seattle on May 9 and Portland on April 4. You can already order tickets for the 2020 HUMP! Tour and encore presentations at

Only audiences at the opening HUMP! Festival get to vote for their favorite films and give out the HUMP! Awards. Audience members in Seattle got to hang out and cast their ballots in our swanky new HUMP! Lounge, a pop-up night club where HUMPers could discuss their favorite films over a drink, cast their ballots, and shoot commemorative Hump 2020 Boomerangs. We’re planning on opening the Hump lounge next year for all Seattle shows, not just Friday & Saturday screenings, so we’ll see you there!


And now…


BEST KINK ($2,000 Prize): Tell Me What You Like “One woman’s answer to this inquiry leads to an extreme kink scene.”
BEST KINK RUNNER UP ($1,000 Prize): Brunch on Bikes “Freshly-fucked foodies get a Special Pancake Delivery.”

BEST SEX ($2,000 Prize): Wildfire “Inhibitions are burned to dust while this hedonistic group lusts around the fire.”
BEST SEX RUNNER UP ($1,000 Prize): Good Kitty “When the kitten collar comes out, so do the sacred oils and earthly delights in this cunnilingual ceremony.”

BEST HUMOR ($2,000 Prize): Best in Show “Mountains! Bondage! Flash paper! Puppets! Paint! A couple attempts to pack every winning HUMP! trope into their five minute film.”
BEST HUMOR RUNNER UP ($1,000 Prize): Just Four Fans Only “When a group of friends decides to film an orgy in a Vegas hotel room, an unexpected participant slips into the mix.”

BEST IN SHOW ($10,000 Grand Prize): Best in Show

HUMP! JURY AWARD ($1,000): Lost & Found “After making it through the pain of infertility and miscarriage and finally becoming a parent, a woman goes on a mission of exploration and discovery.”

Congrats to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who submitted a film, to everyone who came out to see HUMP! this year, and to all our HUMP! hosts: Betty Wetter in Seattle, Wm. Steven Humphrey and Kate Murphy in Portland, the HUMP! Team in San Francisco, and Hattie Hotpants in Olympia. And HUMP! couldn’t happen without HUMP! producer Tracey “Peaches” Cataldo.


It’s never too early to start working on your HUMP! submission for the 16th Annual HUMP! Film Festival! Go to for more details. Making and submitting a film for HUMP! is fun and easy and there’s no fee to enter HUMP! We’re also adding new categories and more prize money to the HUMP! Awards for next year! For years people have been asking us to add an award for the most artistic film and so next year, for the first time, we’re adding a Most Creative/Artistic ($2000 first place, $1000 runner up) category for HUMP! audiences to vote on. We’re also adding two new Jury Awards for Outstanding Performances ($1000 each), bringing the total prize package at HUMP! to $25,000! And all films selected to be in HUMP! get a cut of all ticket sold on the annual HUMP! tour!



Check out our other new festivals SPLIFF, a film fest by the stoned for the stoned, and SLAY, the Pacific Northwest’s Independent Horror Film Festival.


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