Tomorrowland 2021 may happen with a test village

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Tomorrowland 2021: rapid tests can make the festival happen

People of Tomorrow can possibly rejoice because this may be the best news you could have. The summer edition of Tomorrowland in 2021 can happen through rapid tests, and the news comes directly from Belgium.

Vaccination against the Covid-19 virus is starting globally and this brings us much hope for a return to normality in the near future. However, given the world’s population and the vaccination plans drawn up, young people are naturally left at the end of the list. With vaccination taking place at least throughout the first half of 2021, there is doubt about the biggest summer events, especially festivals. Epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme, who is part of the Belgian vaccination taskforce, said on VRT Radio 1‘s morning news that the younger population will not be neglected and that every effort will be made to bring summer back:

 ‘The start of vaccinations among young Belgians will, according to the current plan, be during the summer holidays, but we would like to do everything possible to move it forward, depending on the approval and delivery of the vaccines.’

If the pause button is pressed until vaccination is complete, many events may not take place. Fortunately, the plans point in another direction. In the same vein as some pilot events that are being developed, Tomorrowland 2021 could happen if its participants wear mouth masks and undergo rapid Covid-19 tests before admission to the event. To the question ‘Can Tomorrowland continue next summer?’ Pierre Van Damme’s answer is genuinely optimistic.

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Some meetings between the festival sector, public health officials and local political representatives are still to take place, but as long as the possibility exists, there will also be hope. Test villages are being considered to ensure that all festival-goers are tested through rapid tests with prompt results. These testing centres will be installed next to the festival grounds and are now the key to ensuring that Tomorrowland 2021 can be held.

This brings a glimmer of hope for partygoers and for everyone that wants to dance on Boom’s sacred grounds next summer for another unforgettable Tomorrowland festival. Fingers crossed!


Image Credit: Tomorrowland (via Facebook)



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