Trump Asks Ted Cruz To Present Potential 2020 Election SCOTUS Arguments

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As Texas’ election suit makes its way to the Supreme Court, many on the right have been holding their collective breath in hopes that this might finally be the case that makes the difference in determining the rightful outcome of the 2020 Election.  The suit, which was filed by Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, seeks to determine the true outcome of the election by throwing out ballots cast under unconstitutional rules established by orders from various state executives, including Pennsylvania.

The left and the media question Texas’s standing in filing suit, however, 17 other states have filed Amicus statements (not technically “joining” the suit” but suggesting they too, support the case). The media and the left believe the suit is absent merit because each state is allowed to determine its own election law.  This is correct, however, should a state not follow the Constitutional process in determining their election rules, that could theoretically disenfranchise those states that did follow the Constitutional process.  To be clear, all states that disregarded the Constitutional process to increase voter turnout should have the ballots cast under those unconstitutional rules, discarded.

Cruz is no stranger to Supreme Court arguments, having filed 70 briefs and made over 40 oral arguments before the court including the landmark DC vs. Heller case, the result of which expanded gun-rights throughout the country.  The prospect of Cruz serving in that capacity, that is, to present the arguments, bodes well for Trump considering Cruz’s history before the court and the experience he has in doing so.

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Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro scoffed at the prospect of Cruz presenting the arguments stating that Cruz was either spineless or mentally ill to suggest helping with the suit.  This case would have Princeton Law Cum Laude grad Cruz, facing off against Georgetown Night Law School grad Shapiro, who has never prosecuted or argued a case, literally ever, before becoming the Attorney General of Pennsylvania.  It should also be noted that Shapiro has already ignored the law and a SCOTUS order this election cycle, and in this author’s opinion, should be jailed for contempt.  For Shapiro to question the legal chops of Cruz, is in itself, hilarious.  The dude couldn’t litigate himself out of a paper bag.  Cruz would destroy him in open court.

Cruz’s history of SCOTUS litigation is perhaps the biggest “get” for Team Trump to date.  So far, many of the legal proceedings have lacked the shock and awe we were promised in court.  Since this case was not brought by Team Trump, but rather by the State of Texas, it is unclear how much potential exists for Texas to allow for the seated Senator to present the arguments. I couldn’t imagine why Paxton would not be amicable to the idea of Cruz presenting, however, I believe it is ultimately the decision of the original filer of the suit.  Should Cruz take up the case, it should make for some popcorn time as Cruz’s public dismantlings usually reserved for Senate chambers, will be back in front of SCOTUS and could result in the most epic of meltdowns from the left.  If that happens, the left should get ready for President Cruz in 4 years, because he would be unstoppable.

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