Tucker Carlson Triggers CNN by Pointing Out Their COVID Death Tracker Now Frequently Goes Missing

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A lot of people have noticed over the last few days that the Wuhan virus case/death tracker CNN kept on display 24/7 under the Trump administration at the very least frequently goes missing or, at the most, has disappeared entirely. It depends on who you talk to and how often the people making the accusations watch the network. Admittedly, I don’t have the stomach to watch most of CNN’s programmed anchors programming, but when I have this week I, too, have noticed it’s not there.

Here are a few examples:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a frequent thorn in the side of the snowflakes at CNN, also made it a point on his program Thursday night to note how now was the time for CNN to take down their “COVID death ticker” because “there’s no reason for” them to remind people now that Joe Biden is in office:

As he often does, Carlson triggered the network to the point that their PR department and resident “fact checker” Daniel Dale pushed back by posting screengrabs and proclaiming Carlson was lying:

Except … no, Carlson didn’t say they had removed it entirely. He pointed out it was time for them to take it down, and that they had “dutifully” removed it from the coverage he’d watched. Other Twitter users pointed out similarly:

In addition to CNN, NPR’s perspective on coronavirus deaths seems to have changed over the last few days:

The reasons why are so obvious – and sickening:

Cormier just flat out nailed it. It’s truly disgusting when you think about how “news” networks like CNN manipulated COVID news for 8 months in an effort to hurt Donald Trump’s chances at reelection.

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