Twitter Banning Influencers on Right, Removing Followers

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The left and Big Tech have been moving quickly over the past couple of days.

The President of the United States has been booted off Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Shopify has booted MAGA merchandise from their stores.

Parler is getting pressure by both Apple and Google to ‘moderate’ their site, ‘moderate’ their belief in free speech. So far their CEO is refusing the pressure.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is thinking up a new law to deal with “ideologically-inspired” “domestic terrorism.” He declared the thousands of protesters who had been at the Capitol were “domestic terrorists,” making no distinction between those who committed crimes and those who had not (which was most of the people).

Twitter is going after anyone they think is violating the narrative. They’ve now booted a slew of well-know influencers on the right. More pointedly, they took down the people who were not posting anything offensive that would violate the terms of service but were questioning things about the Democratic narrative about the facts.

Among the people who have been booted:

Salem Media’s Kevin McCullough, who posted questions about the votes moving backwards in the Georgia run-offs and posted Trump’s video from his rally.

The Team Trump account was axed too.

Techno Fog who broke court documents on the Russia hoax.

Tracy Beanz who also did yeoman’s work on Russia hoax.

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Influencers on the right suddenly over the last couple of days were also finding their Twitter followers dropping off precipitously. Not just a few people but a lot of influencers, even smaller not well-known people.

Ric Grenell was down over 53,000.

It’s getting bad and it’s obvious they’re cutting media influence of folks on the right to cut any question/dissent from the Democratic narrative. They’re trying to consolidate power now while they have the excuse of the Capitol protests to buttress the fascistic effort.

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It’s possible that some of the follower loss might be due to people quitting Twitter and leaving for Parler. Parler is presently not working. Not sure if that’s because it’s adjusting to the load or someone has taken it off line.

But the loss of followers is so precipitous that doesn’t seem to explain it. Either way, Twitter is shooting itself in the foot big time with these moves.



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