Volunteers put final touches on Festival of Lights display

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The final touches are being put on a holiday tradition set to come back to the light up the Gem City on Thanksgiving Day.

The Festival of Lights, previously known as Avenue of Lights, stopped operating four years ago. Now, new organizers are bringing the event back under a new name and new displays.

“I think that when you work with people in the community and you see the passion that they share for the same project that you do and the willingness to come out and contribute, it’s been inspiring and encouraged us to continue to come out here everyday and work hard to make sure that the Christmas display opens on Thanksgiving,” said Festival of Lights President Eric Dooley.

The Festival of Lights will be open at Quincy’s Wavering and Moorman Park.The hours will be from 5 pm to 9 pm every night. Admission is $12 per vehicle.


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