Walmart Twitter Account Attacks Hawley for Electoral College Challenge, Hawley Drops Them In Epic Clapback

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As we reported earlier, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced that he would objecting to the certification of the Electoral College votes in contested states for Joe Biden.

Republicans needed to have at least one member from the House and one member from the Senate say they would object to force a two hour discussion and vote on the objection.

They now have that with Hawley. More than ten people had already indicated they would be willing to object in the House, with the charge being led by Rep. Mel Brooks (R-AL).

Hawley made a statement on Twitter that he believed Congress needed to pay attention to the millions of Americans raising questions about the election, especially where there were clear unconstitutional actions.

Now there was a lot of reaction to Hawley’s statement but perhaps the reaction that drew the most attention was when he was suddenly attacked from the official Walmart account. “Go ahead. Get your 2 hour debate. #soreloser.”

But Hawley then clapped back with an epic response.

“Thanks ⁦@Walmart for your insulting condescension,” Hawley declared. “Now that you’ve insulted 75 million Americans, will you at least apologize for using slave labor?”

Walmart then tried to wiggle out of it after they got a lot of pushback.

Just a mistake, right?

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Too late. You certainly can hire anyone you want. But if you do, you can also be prepared for customers to drop you if you have employees who react this way. Really not the way to endear yourself to 75 million people, many of whom probably are a good part of your clientele.

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