WaPo Take on Kamala Harris’ Marriage Gives Us a Cringey Look Into How Media Intends to Cover Biden/Harris

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We’re already seeing the difference in how the liberal media would treat a ‘Biden-Harris’ administration as opposed to that of President Donald Trump.

First, there’s just that. Suddenly, instead of just Biden administration, you see a lot of ‘Biden-Harris’ almost as if they’re trying to will Harris into the position or declare it a co-position.

We’ve heard about Biden having two dogs and how he likes to wear colorful socks. Not so much about all those connections and money from China and Ukraine, but hey, at least we know about the socks!

But prepare, if you want to not gag, for the Washington Post article about Kamala Harris that conservatives just discovered.

Can it get much more cringe? Unfortunately, yes, the article was even worse. 1000 word tome of how their relationship was an ode to finding love when your middle-aged, that you too, if you haven’t found love yet could succeed like Kamala and Doug, based off of Harris’ memoir.

The writer describes their relationship as one that can provide you with “hope, inspiration and a little instruction” and that they have a mutual admiration that causes her to “beam” whenever she says his name. Oh, please, can it get any worse?

Yes. “For those of us still looking for a relationship that makes us smile that wide, their bond has a way of signaling: Keep looking. Your Doug is out there.” Gak.

The writer left all that part out. Wonder why. Sort of blows the propaganda being pushed here.

Democrats get great puff pieces even when there’s real news that can hurt them. Especially when there’s real news that can hurt them. Republicans with long happy marriages still get skewered.

They’d have no standards at all without their double standards.

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