Weather holds out for annual Snow Festival in Boonville

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Boonville, N.Y. – Boonville Snow Festival II Treasurer Susan Alger says this weekend’s 2020 version almost didn’t happen. She says this winter has been a rough one as far as temperatures go to make the ice for the snowmobile track, but she says thanks to some colder temperatures in the last couple of weeks as well as some snow, the decision was made to go ahead with the event as planned, and she says things couldn’t have worked out any more perfectly, “We had to cancel three times, three years in a row (2016, 2017, 2018) because of the weather, so we were happy to get last year’s in, and we’re actually very happy to get this year’s in because there was a time that we talked, we’ve got to make a deadline with to postpone it or just go with today’s date.”

Alger says she is very glad the decision was made to go ahead with the plans for the three day festival, because conditions ended up being perfect this weekend.

The popular spectator event contains many snowmobile races where riders can get up to about 106 miles per hour on the ice at the Oneida County Fairgrounds.

Alger says racers come from near and far to take part, “Canada, and out west, Minnesota, Wisconsin, also Vermont, Massachusetts.”

Fans also come from all around our region to catch the action, including Shane Mitchell of Cortland. Mitchell says watching these racers go around the ice is pretty darn exciting, “I come from a dirt car racing background but to watch this, this is competitive and it’s, they’re on the edge, it’s incredible.”

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So why is the event called the Boonville Snow Festival II?

Alger says this event goes back to the 1960’s but it stopped for a while, “It started in the late 1960’s and then in the ’70s it was a huge turn out, and if you look at the old photos you’ll see that the people were just phenomenal and then the volunteers died off and then in 2006 the organization was re-erected and so we just went with Boonville Snow Festival II.”

The hope is that next year, 2021, will make three years in a row of holding the event, after three years in a row of canceling due to the weather.



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