Whoopie Pie festival happens in Dover Foxcroft

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DOVER FOXCROFT, Maine(WABI)- The Maine Whoopie Pie Festival was back in Dover Foxcroft Saturday.

“Everyone just finds something they love, and they keep coming back every year, so it’s really awesome.”

For ten years, Dover Foxcroft has been the home of the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival.

“I love whoopie pies, why? Sugar. I love sugar.”

It’s the biggest festival in Piscataquis County, and it hosts upwards of ten thousand people, in a five-hour window.

“I think for years the coast was a big draw, your portlands, your bar harbors, things like that, and I think, to bring people into central Maine, we’re seeing kind of a shift,” says Denise Buzzelli, from the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce. “And I think that’s why this festival is that it brings people in to experience what we are like here. The quality of life here, the small business owners that know their customers by name, it’s just a really cool way to live.”

Jodi and Belinda agree. They’re from Florida And they’re big fans of the festival, and Maine food in general.

“There something for everybody from all ages. It doesn’t matter, you can find something here at the Whoopie pie festival. There are lots of crafts, there’s the kid’s area. It’s just fun for everybody.
Whoopie Pies and red hot dogs.
Yes. Go for it.”

Nearly two dozen bakers participated in this year’s festival, which also welcomed a new sponsor: Allens Coffee Flavored Brandy.

A dozen bakers made whoopie pies with Allen’s in the categories inaugural year.

“We do a lot of charity throughout the state,” says Seth Ferris, of Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy. “This one came up really well for us. Chocolate and coffee work really well together. This is an area, Dover Foxcroft that is ideal for us. This is our hub.”

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As Festivals go, the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival is as true as any to its theme. Everyone seems to know exactly why they’re there.

“How many whoopie pies do you think you could eat in one sitting?”
“Probably Five, if I really wanted to.
Five is the number. Not six.
More than four.
Yup. Just five. Exact.”

Turns out, Casey only managed four, in what was one of the more grueling competitions of early summer.

“I got the sugar rush, plus I followed it up with the coffee, so, I’m ready to run laps”



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