Who’s Left at Lincoln Project? Steve Schmidt Resigns After Reports He Bought a $2.9 Million Utah Mansion

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The house of cards is crashing down, it seems, at the Lincoln Project. One week after co-founder Jennifer Horn resigned, two more high-profile resignations have taken place: co-founder Steve Schmidt and Kurt Bardella. Unpaid advisor “Expert” Tom Nichols also announced his resignation Friday.

Axios first reported that Schmidt announced his resignation during an all-hands call Friday evening.

Then, because it seems Schmidt cannot leave anything left unsaid, he posted a long resignation letter on Twitter. In the letter he described sexual abuse he suffered as a boy at Boy Scout camp and says that he would have never covered up John Weaver’s abuse because of those experiences. Being a victim of sexual abuse is no laughing matter, and there’s no reason to doubt that Schmidt isn’t telling the truth about his experience. However, there are multiple accounts published this week in which Lincoln Project employees and insiders have told reporters that Schmidt knew.

Schmidt also apologized to co-founder Jennifer Horn for the way he treated her when she resigned last Friday. Schmidt tweeted information about internal communications and accused Horn of leaving because she wanted more money. Why did it take so long for this apology?

Also Friday, Fox News published a story reporting that Schmidt purchased a $2.9 million estate in Wasatch County, Utah during the time the Lincoln Project was raking in the dough and is now trying to offload it.

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