Why ‘The Plot Against the President’ is Must-See Holiday Weekend Viewing

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Based on a book by investigative journalist Lee Smith, The Plot Against the President is a quality piece of storytelling, that moves fluidly and builds tension like any good suspense thriller. But it is not fiction; it was an intentional, and diabolical machination that occurred right underneath our noses.

The documentary lays out “Russiagate” and all the actors: legacy media, government officials, and the Obama administration, who weaved this web of deceit. The film explains in extremely cogent fashion the hows and whys of the set up of General Michael Flynn, and how Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA22), former National Security Council official Kash Patel, and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH4) unraveled and exposed the Deep State deception that trapped an innocent man, in an attempted coup de’état to unseat President Donald J. Trump.

Jordan said in the documentary,

“The only thing we got wrong, is that it was worse than we thought.”

The most villainous evil was done to General Michael Flynn, and he is the protagonist at the center of the narrative.

After a clip of former FBI Director James Comey braying about how he trapped General Flynn was shown, it moved to an interview with former National Security Council Advisor Michael Anton. Anton’s response to Comey’s braggadocio:

“[reflecting Comey]: ‘Oh, I pulled that off, I basically played a trick and got away with it. If it had been a more experienced administration, I wouldn’t have got away with it.’

“The audience is like, ‘Hah, hah, hah’, How funny it is to set up an innocent man?”

This is frightening on its face. Had it been Joe Citizen, it would not even have made the press.

While General Flynn is the through line, Nunes is very much the hero of this documentary. Despite California’s huge issues, we have a handful of representatives who are integrous and stand for the truth. Devin Nunes is one of them.

As the Republican Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, the documentary shows the steps Nunes took to unravel the corruption, how he was undermined at every turn by fellow Democrat Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA28), and outlines the campaign employed to destroy his career, his family, and his reputation, both in D.C. and in California. Both barrels were loaded and discharged to paint Nunes as corrupt, a stooge of Russia, an idiot, and a third-rate politician. It’s interesting that the legacy media and the political class made Nunes out to be everything that Schiff is.

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The documentary re-crafts Nunes in an accurate light, and shows his moral courage, his tenacity to root out the truth, and his integrity. Trust me, I have no doubt that Speaker Nancy Pelosi did all she could to buy him off and get him to redirect his investigation, and he refused. This speaks volumes to why he won re-election to the House.

We need more Devin Nuneses.

The documentary also covers the illegal unmasking of people surrounding President Trump in order to spy on him, particularly his children, and outlines the FISA warrant’s two-and-three jump rule used to, as former Assistant U.S. Attorney General John O’Connor, said, “Get into the Trump campaign,” toward the goal of “somewhere, there would be a crime.”

Director and Producer Amanda Milius distilled the film down to two takeaways: an attempt to A) de-legitimize an administration, a President that they thought threatened their way of life and their hold on power, and B) to cover up and distract from their [the Obama administration/Deep State] crimes. She encapsulated the entire storyline as, “An aggressive attack, and a flash bomb.”

Sounds very familiar in this election year of 2020.

Weaved throughout the telling are interviews with former and current people surrounding the President: Ambassador and former DNI Ric Grenell, former Mayor and the President’s personal counsel Rudy Giuliani, former Deputy Assistant to the President Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Gen. Flynn’s former National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland, and Kash Patel, the National Security Council official who was the internal engine on Nunes’ team. Nunes and Jordan credit Patel with breaking down doors at both the NSA and DOJ. Patel’s investigation was instrumental in ripping apart the Steele dossier used for the FISA warrant that fueled the Russiagate plot.

Journalist John Solomon of Just the News (who is interviewed in the documentary) did a very informative podcast with director/producer Amanda Milius. Milius discusses her father, John Milius’s legacy (Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn), and how he influenced her worldview and shaped her as a filmmaker. Both father John Milius and her mother Celia Kay are died-in-the-wool conservatives, and as Amanda Milius said in the interview: “some of the best conservatives come from the West side of L.A.”

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Milius said she was on board with Trump from “the escalator speech”, and that illegal immigration was her trigger. She had just finished a film, so she used the down time to campaign for the President in 2016. After he won, Milius was convinced by people on the campaign to come to Washington, D.C. and work for the administration. Milius worked in, of all places, the State Department as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Content and Public Affairs for three-and-a half years. Initially, she was steered toward more non-partisan areas of the government infrastructure, but she said,

“I don’t want to go where it’s relaxed. I want to go to the heart of the belly of the beast.”

And so she did. Foggy Bottom, as the State Department is oft referred, was just that.

“You spend half your time fighting out political issues, and half your time doing your actual job.

“The people who joined the administration to subvert it, that’s really where the big problems are. The bad politicos are worse than 10 bad careers, because they can do so much damage.

“For some reason, especially at State, we keep promoting people who actively work against the President. I have no idea why these people are still allowed in the building.”

In hindsight, it now makes perfect sense the high turnover in the Trump administration within the first two years. The legacy media made complete hay of this, using it as more fodder to prove that Trump was an ineffective leader and should not be president, when what we were really watching was the “draining of the swamp” in real time.

Milius also said what we all are seeing unfold before our eyes. That average people who are members of

“the wrong political party or even friends with the wrong people and voted for the wrong person, you are just as in danger of having your life destroyed by the intelligence agencies and the FBI as you are by any foreign actor.

“Unless the various bad actors face consequences for their behavior they will continue to persist in their ways, Milius said. “We’re going to live in non-reality.”


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At 1 hour and 31 minutes, The Plot Against the President is a great add to your holiday weekend viewing. I viewed it on Amazon Prime. It is also available on Vimeo on Demand, and two new free-speech friendly platforms: MyMoviesPlus.com and SpecialProject.io.

According to Milius, Amazon was supposed to release the documentary in October. Instead, they first put it through an “extended content review”, which Milius’s distributor assured her was unheard of with other documentaries.

So Big Tech, and so Hollywood.

When the documentary was finally released on Amazon, Scott Johnson of the Powerline Blog wrote that he attempted to review it, but that Amazon rejected his review!

The documentary has also been distributed in Midwest and Southern theaters in Idaho, South Dakota, Ohio, and North Carolina, among others.

Since the October release, the film has caught fire, helped by the now-5-Star Amazon reviews, and promotion by other conservative outlets. You would think the documentary would be allowed to stand on its own merit, but Big Tech Censorship continues to try and control the narrative. Just as they did with the movie Unplanned, Twitter has suspended the Plot Against the President’s Twitter account without explanation.

If for no other reason than that, I strongly recommend you see the documentary and share it with others. It is sobering, enlightening, and in some ways a gut punch to those who love our Nation, love democracy, and despise what both the legacy media, our corrupt institutions, and the corrupt political class has made of it.




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