Willie Brown Warns Recall-Threatened Newsom: You’re ‘in Trouble’

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Is the governor of California in hot water?f

He is, according to San Fran’s 41st mayor, Willie Brown.

On Saturday, The San Francisco Chronicle ran a Brown-pinned piece in which Kamala’s former flame laid it out:

Gavin Newsom is in Trouble. Here’s How He Can Survive.”

If you’ve not heard, the Golden State’s illustrious leader’s in danger of being recalled.

As covered by RedState’s Jennifer Oliver O’Connell last week, said effort’s received support from the likes of Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee.

Brown believes the nix-Newsom campaign could actually make it onto next year’s ballot if backing continues to build.

That would — Willie warned — bring challengers of the Democrat, Republican, and Independent variety.

Per the column, Gavin’s headed toward the “fight for his political life” unless the state can return to a degree of normalcy — including in-class schooling.

Here’s how Willie worded it:

Right now, Newsom’s chances of survival are tied to the pandemic. If California can get the coronavirus under some semblance of control and counties can lift economic restrictions — and here’s the big if, if Newsom can lean on teachers unions and school districts to reopen classrooms — he’ll survive any recall and all but guarantee his re-election.

If not, Newsom will be in a fight for his political life.

So how does Gavin set things right?

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He’s gotta spin like the wind:

[P]aint the recall effort as an attack by disgruntled supporters of President Trump. That might be helped by news that national Republicans like…Gingrich and…Huckabee are trying to help the recall qualify for the ballot.

It’s a simple strategy:

If Newsom can make it about Trump, Newsom wins.

Is Willie right? A lot of people think Gavin isn’t.

While Californians have struggled to stay afloat, the governor’s made some controversial moves — from funneling funds from voters, to dabbling in boardroom diversity mandates, to keeping parishioners from worshipping together.

He’s not exactly known for majoring in the majors.


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And, of course, there was this:

As for an upcoming ballot, how do the numbers play?

The Daily Wire breaks it down:

In order for a recall to actually end up on the ballot, organizers need to receive 1,495,709 qualifying signatures — 12% of the 2018 election turnout — by March 2021. The recall signatures have to come from registered California voters, and it is likely they will need a 500,000 signature buffer to ensure enough verified signatures count toward the total, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Last week, Rescue California Chair Tom Del Beccaro told Politico it’s looking good:

“Newt Gingrich’s endorsement will bring us into the national spotlight. He’s all in: He will support us through social media, with donor phone calls, zoom meetings and fundraising emails.”

The ball’s in motion. And Willie Brown may be onto something: The governor of California — like the state itself — is in trouble.

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