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WINCHENDON — What better way to kick off the Columbus Day weekend than by attending a fall festival in Toy Town during the peak of the season?

The day would have been perfect with a bit of sun, but the crowds seemed happy as they strolled down Central Street on a cool autumn day searching for something good, something a little bit different, and something to eat during the 3rd annual Toy Town Fall Festival.

Organizers were happy that Central Street was packed and people just kept coming.

“It was fantastic,” said organizer Nicole Roberts. “Tracy (Murphy) and I walked around to a majority of the booths. Besides those asking for warmer weather, we received positive feedback. Everyone seemed happy to be there.”


There were vendors selling all kinds of food and crafts galore to wear, play with or just hang on the wall. It seemed that visitors to the Oct. 12 event could be counted in thousands, and everything seemed to run smoothly. The streets were decorated with cornstalks and the vendors lined up side by side all the way up to Maple Street. The Central Street businesses were also out on the street offering sales and treats for all.

Tracy Murphy, Nicole Roberts and Keith Hickey were traveling from Front Street and back to Maple Street greeting people and smiling at the turnout, each wearing a bright orange staff sweatshirt in case someone needed assistance.

“Tracy and I enjoyed seeing everyone having fun, and of course the turnout was phenomenal,” said Roberts. “It makes it all worth it. We are very lucky we get to put on such a wonderful family event.”

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The music from the bands energized the crowd all day, and the fire pits became a gathering place for all who wanted a pint of beer and a little treat from the Harbour Restaurant.

When the day was done, it seemed the takedown was quick, and Central Street was back to normal with a few cornstalks still standing as decorations.

Social media was filled with photos and memories of the day. There is already talk of the 4th annual Toy Town Fall Festival.

We can’t wait until next year,” said Roberts. “Each year just gets better and better.”



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