Woman Whose Mother Died in Nursing Home Nails Media For Making Her Change Her Words to Not Blame Cuomo

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At the end of last week, as we reported, the New York Attorney General Letitia James dropped a damning report on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration. The report essentially pointed a finger at Cuomo’s nursing home order and then subsequent false numbers his administration issued about the deaths related to the nursing homes, showing that the actual nursing home deaths could be 50% higher than his administration claimed.

We reported on this extensively last year, but the authorities in the state finally seem to be catching up. If the person was taken to the hospital and died there, they didn’t count it as a nursing home related death even if the person was living in the nursing home prior to the hospital. They had been counting it as a nursing home death until Cuomo started getting flack in May 2020 for the nursing home order. Then suddenly his administration changed the way it was counting.

There’s no question he’s been the worst governor for handling the pandemic in the whole country, with the most deaths and the most lies.

One of the reasons it has taken so long for all this to finally hit the fan, despite all the facts being out there, is that media has been touting Cuomo as a Democratic hero against the virus. CNN and his brother Chris even fawned all over him talking about how the publicity had made women interested in him and never asked him any tough questions about his handling of the situation.

Some are still continuing it, as Fox’s Brian Kilmeade observed in a piece with Dawn Best.

My colleague Sister Toldjah mentioned the story in her piece about Janice Dean’s reaction to the media spin on Cuomo.

But now Best has come forward, put her name out there and gone on record with Fox. Best explained that her mother who was in a nursing home died in April 2020. She told Kilmeade that it wasn’t just NBC but all the interviews she was giving, the media didn’t want her to use Cuomo’s name when she was describing what had happened. But she said NBC specifically told her to say “New York failed me” rather than using Cuomo’s name and saying “Cuomo failed me” as she told them she wanted to say.

From Daily Wire:

BEST: All right. There we go. Well, I kinda got used to it because the media was never letting me say “Governor Cuomo: all along, and it was being cut out of every interview that I was in and so then I started starting every sentence that they asked with, “Governor Cuomo,” so they couldn’t do that to me. So then they were forced to literally ask me to cut out Governor Cuomo’s name.

Lester Holt’s show wasn’t the only one to do it. So what happened specifically on that show was I was telling them that Governor Cuomo failed us; his book should be named, not “Lessons In Leadership,” it should be “Lessons In Failure.” She stopped me and she said to me, “Can you differently–,” or something or like this, “Can you say that a different way without Governor Cuomo’s name, and just say New York failed you?” So I had no choice. So I had to say, “New York failed me.”

Best’s mother didn’t die of the virus. She died from dehydration. But as Best explained, her mother had been getting great care in one of the best nursing homes. Then came the order from Cuomo in March.

KILMEADE: Right. And that report that came out was scathing but he doesn’t acknowledge it. Let’s talk about your mom for a second. She was getting care, you said, 24/7, until the pandemic hit. She ends up dying of dehydration. How does that go back to the governor?

BEST: I’d like to know how this happened. My mom was in the best nursing home, getting the best care, being watched 24/7, fine and healthy and happy, and within three weeks of his deadly directive where he sent the Covid-positive patients into the nursing homes, my mother was dead from neglect. That is because the nursing home was overrun with Covid patients. I know this because the doctor told me when I called and asked what was wrong with my mother, she said, and this is a quote, she was frantic, she said, “The Covid is everywhere; it’s in every unit; the doctors have it; the nurses have it, and your mother may have it.” I had her tested, she didn’t have it. My mother died of neglect because of Governor Cuomo.

Best said she believes the home was just overwhelmed because of Cuomo’s order.

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Kilmeade mentioned the horrible comments Cuomo made at the end of last week when he argued “what difference does it make” where they died, “they still died.” “He has no compassion,” Best declared. “He has no remorse. It’s outrageous. It’s infuriating. Our family, and unfortunately I’m not alone, there are thousands and thousands, three times as many times died in the nursing homes in New York than died on 9/11.” She said a third grader would know that you shouldn’t put virus patients in a nursing home. She also said it was a complete lie that he was following CDC guidelines.

There were no CDC guidelines that required states to send virus patients to nursing homes, but that’s one false excuse Cuomo has thrown out there. He also lied and said he never required homes to take virus patients, despite all the obvious evidence, including his March order that yes, in fact he did. He said homes were never required to take virus patients, when in fact, 6,326 COVID-positive people were admitted after his order. Thousands died after that order.

So not only does Cuomo have a lot to answer for, but so does the media who helped him put up this protective veneer and covered over things like this to smooth things out for their Democratic hero.

Lessons in Leadership? How about lessons in lying?



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